Nicholas Coolridge - Santa Barbara / USA

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nicholas Coolridge is an acrobat. He would love to turn his hobby into a real profession and thus for the past years he has been working on his career as professional free-runner. His success proves him right. He has done several big commercials, he was a Judge on a MTV free-running competition show and he hosts his own youtube videos with over one million hits. For an additional income, Nicholas works as a construction worker every once in a while.
Although he claims Santa Barbara as his home town, his true home is his van. This is where Nicholas has everything he needs: a bed, a kitchen, his tools and even his own solar shower system. He loves the freedom of beeing able to move places quickly. Nicholas is an easy-going and decent contemporary who enjoys the simple things in life.

How did I meet Nicholas?
I found Nicholas via a ride-sharing classified ad on "Craigs List". He gave me a ride from Santa Cruz to Santa Barbara in his VW van. I greatly appreciated the good conversations we had on our 6-hour ride down the coast of California.

Take a look at Nicholas' free-running video:

Nicholas' Homepage:

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