Shawn Salene - Seattle / USA

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shawn lives on a boat. "Sailing is not only for rich people", he says and it seems to be true. Shawn baught his small sailing vessel for only 1000 dollars. A small extra fee each month allows him to anchor at Lake Washington not far from the city centre. His job at the NGO "World Vision" keeps him busy and travelling around the U.S. for the most time. So it didn't make sense to pay the expensive rent for a regular appartment. Whenever Shawn is back in Seattle, he loves the remoteness and the peacefulness on his boat. This is where he recharges his batteries.

How did I meet Shawn?
I met Shawn via Couch Surfing. He is a dedicated Couch Surfer who has been hosting a lot of people. Shawn used to work in a youth hostel as a city guide which was great as he showed me all the secret spots in town. My favorite part was when he sneaked me into a noble skyscraper building downtown. We spend an entire rainy day on the 8th floor which featured a swimming pool, a steaming room, a sauna and a chill-out Lounge. Good times in Seattle!

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