How does it work?
After you have filled out the questions in the contact form, I will try to contact you if I my travelling progress, transportation and time ressources will allow me to do so. We will then try to arrange a meeting via mail or phone and have your picture taken. That's it!

Will you come for sure?
Most likely I will not be able to reply to all invitations, so don't be dissappointed if I can't get back to you.

Is there anything else I have to do?
No. Inviting me to shoot your new portrait picture does not mean that you will have to host me. I will be happy just to catch up with you and have a stroll around your place for a while. However, if you insist on hosting me or giving me a ride down south, I won't turn your offer down :)

Why are you doing this?
I have always been fascinated by the variety of people I have met when travelling: Different places, different faces, different stories. In the Book of Faces, I want to create a visual cross-section of the people I randomly meet or who invite me through the "facebook experiment".

A facebook experiment?

To start the Book-of-Faces off with, I want to introduce a facebook experiment. How connected is the world through facebook really? Will it be possible to spread the idea of inviting me for a free photo-shooting half a world away, simply by posting it on my own facebook newsfeed? Will it be possible to connect real people through facebook who haven't seen each other before? If so, I want to find out who are the people behind the faces? What are the places behind the faces?

Why am I doing this?
You will get yourself a beautiful new portrait picture! You can use it and show off with on facebook :)