Lauren Gilligan & Derek Dockendorf - Santa Cruz/USA

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lauren and Derek live in a beautiful beach house in Santa Cruz. They moved here a year ago and believe they found their perfect home. Being close to the ocean allowed Lauren to take her job at the NGO "Save our Shores". Derek works for a company that produces DVDs and Blue Ray Discs. While both very much enjoy their work, at the same time they are not too happy about the fact, that the average American only gets off two weeks of vacation each year. The outdoorsy couple would love to spend more time travelling the world and exploring places far away.
Next year the two will have a their wedding and they dream about going to the Fiji Islands on their honeymoon. To get to this point in the first place, Lauren had to convert into a Giants fan. Otherwise Derek`s sportsenthusiastic folks probably would have never accepted her into the family.

How did I meet Lauren and Derek?
Lauren and Derek contacted me via the "Book of Faces" project. They heard about it from a friend of mine back home who met Lauren and Derek while being on a high school exchange program a couple years ago. Lauren and Derek were the coolest hosts who even let me take their surfboard for a ride on the legendary surfspot Pleasure Point. The unquestioned highlight of my stay however, was the rocking Halloween Party the two took me along to. Free drinks, wild dancing and even wilder costumes.

Fun Fact:
Every year for Halloween Derek and Lauren make their own partner costumes. This year the costumes were all about their favorite Baseball Team, the San Francisco Giants who were about to win the World Series around the time of Halloween.

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